“7:40 ki Ladies Special”: A Triumph of Authenticity and Representation in Theater

The much-awaited theater play “7:40 ki Ladies Special” has captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike with its authentic portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of the transgender community. Produced by Sandip Kapur and presented by renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, the play centers on the experiences of transgender character Pooja Sharma and her journey towards self-acceptance.

Written and directed by Sapna Basoya and Viren Basoya, the play features powerful performances by the cast from the Aawara Theatre Group. Transgender actor and activist Pooja Sharma shines in her portrayal of a character struggling for acceptance in a world that often refuses to see her for who she is. Mahesh Bhatt himself praised the group for their honesty and authenticity.

Despite addressing an intense subject, the play strikes a balance with moments of laughter and celebration, making it a tight and engaging experience. The play’s themes of identity, acceptance, and community have resonated with diverse audiences from all walks of life.

Viren Basoya hopes that the play will help to raise awareness and understanding towards the transgender community. With its powerful performances, nuanced writing, and universal themes, “7:40 ki Ladies Special” has quickly become a cultural touchstone, sparking important conversations and raising awareness about the challenges and triumphs faced by transgender individuals.

The success of the play can be attributed to the impressive performances of the entire cast and crew, including Pooja Sharma Rekha, Sapna Basoya, Swaroopa Ghosh, Ranjay Kumar, Vaishnaav Vaani, Pratiksha Ingole, Shamim Rayeen, Jogen Dewasi, Aisha Choudhary, Rajor P Raj, Geeta Saroha, Siddharth Negi, Abhay Mishra, Gaytri Negi, and Shivam. The music was composed by Pranil More, the lighting was designed by Chetan Chand, costume by Geeta Saroha, Make Up by Vinisha Chokshi & Drishti Didwania, and choreography by Sayali More.

In conclusion, “7:40 ki Ladies Special” is a must-see triumph of authenticity and representation in theater that sheds light on the issues faced by the transgender community and creates a greater sense of empathy and understanding among audiences.


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