Jr NTR’s Decision to Not Perform at Oscars with Ram Charan: The Inside Scoop

Jr NTR’s recent decision to not perform with Ram Charan on the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ at the Oscars has been making waves in the entertainment industry. While many theories have been circulating in Hyderabad as to why they didn’t dance, a source close to both actors has revealed the truth.

According to the source, it was Jr NTR who was hesitant about performing at the Oscars. He cited a lack of time and rehearsals as his reason for not wanting to go on stage with Ram Charan. While Ram Charan was excited about the opportunity, Jr NTR was not convinced.

The source explains that Jr NTR did not want any more comparisons to be made and wanted to avoid any potential negative feedback. As stars of their stature had already received lots of coverage and prominence for the film in the USA, Jr NTR didn’t feel the need to perform at the Oscars.

While Jr NTR and Ram Charan are known for their fantastic dancing skills, performing at such an important event without proper preparation would not have been appropriate. Instead, the substitute dancers, Jason Glover and Billy Mustapha, took over at the last minute and impressed everyone with their incredible performance.

In conclusion, Jr NTR’s decision to not perform at the Oscars was a strategic one, aimed at avoiding any negative feedback and comparisons. While it would have been exciting to see the two stars perform together on such a grand stage, their absence did not take away from the success of the event.


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