Adipurush Makers Respond to Feedback, Make Alterations to Dialogues for Enhanced Audience Experience

In a move that showcases their commitment to audience sentiments, the makers of the highly anticipated pan-India film Adipurush have decided to make alterations to some of the dialogues, based on the feedback received. The movie, directed by filmmaker Om Raut and inspired by the ancient Indian epic Ramayana, has been making waves at both the domestic and global box office since its release on June 16.

While Adipurush has been enjoying tremendous success with its compelling storytelling, there have been specific dialogues that sparked discussions among viewers. Responding promptly, the makers have taken note of these reactions and collaborated with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to revisit and modify the lines in question. The revised dialogues, aimed at resonating even more deeply with the core essence of the film, will be implemented in theaters in the coming days.

This decision underscores the unwavering dedication of the team, demonstrating that nothing is above the sentiments of their audiences and the pursuit of harmony. Despite the unstoppable collections at the box office, the filmmakers are determined to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for all viewers.

Adipurush has garnered significant attention not only in Telugu but also in its Hindi version, securing impressive box office numbers. With an exceptional opening day collection of Rs. 37.25 crores, the film maintained its momentum on the second day, amassing approximately Rs. 38 crores. This brings its overall total in Hindi to a staggering Rs. 75 crores.

Produced by T-Series and Retrophiles Pvt. Ltd., Adipurush features a stellar cast including Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan, portraying the iconic characters of Raghav, Janaki, and Lankesh respectively.

Stay tuned as the updated dialogues in Adipurush promise to enhance the cinematic experience, ensuring that this epic tale continues to captivate audiences across the nation.


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