Alia Bhatt Joins Hands with SuperBottoms as Investor and Brand Ambassador, Pledges to Champion Sustainable Baby Care Revolution

Bollywood’s beloved superstar, Alia Bhatt, continues to make waves not just on the silver screen but also in the world of conscious living and sustainability. The actress has taken a bold step by becoming an investor and brand ambassador for SuperBottoms, India’s leading sustainable baby care brand. SuperBottoms, helmed by visionary Founder & CEO Pallavi Utagi, has been at the forefront of the “Guilt-Free Diapering” revolution, empowering parents to make the conscious choice of using 100% sustainable and organic cotton Cloth Diapers for their little ones.

With her innate passion for a healthier planet and a deep understanding of the responsibilities of motherhood, Alia’s partnership with SuperBottoms is both powerful and purposeful. By advocating for eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and premium products for moms and babies, she aims to make cloth diapering the go-to choice for every household in the country.

SuperBottoms’ mission is a true game-changer, providing modern-day convenience without compromising on the age-old wisdom of using cloth diapers. The brand’s UNO Cloth Diaper, a product blending the best of both worlds, has won the hearts of parents across the nation. Alia’s association with SuperBottoms marks a significant milestone in their journey towards a greener, safer, and guilt-free future. Together, they strive to create a positive impact not just in the baby care industry but also in fostering a sustainable world for generations to come. With Alia’s trust, love, and support, SuperBottoms’ vision is set to become a reality – where every parent can bid farewell to harmful disposables and embrace a future that cherishes the goodness of cloth.


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