Ankit Tiwari Reveals Surprising Choice for Aashiqui 2’s Hit Song ‘Sun Raha Hai’

In a recent exclusive interview, renowned Bollywood singer and composer Ankit Tiwari unveiled a fascinating secret about the making of the blockbuster film Aashiqui 2’s sensational track, ‘Sun Raha Hai’. Tiwari shared how he initially envisioned popular singer KK’s voice for the iconic song, but fate had something else in store for him.

According to Tiwari, his suggestion of having KK lend his voice to ‘Sun Raha Hai’ was met with an unexpected reaction from Mahesh Bhatt, the acclaimed filmmaker associated with Aashiqui 2. After many efforts, Tiwari finally managed to meet Bhatt, who directed him to the film’s director, Mohit Suri. Although Suri liked the song, he informed Tiwari that the album was already complete. However, he asked Tiwari to keep him informed if he decided to collaborate with another artist.

Luck eventually favored Tiwari when Suri, Aditya Roy Kapur, and Shraddha Kapoor happened to hear his song during a drive after seven long months. Impressed by the melody, they decided to incorporate it into the film. Tiwari emphasized the significance of luck in his journey, as the right people stumbled upon his creation at the perfect time.

During the interview, Tiwari further revealed that during discussions with Bhatt, Suri, and the rest of the team, Bhatt himself asked for Tiwari’s suggestion regarding the choice of singer for ‘Sun Raha Hai.’ To everyone’s surprise, Bhatt insisted that Tiwari’s voice was integral to the song and should not be replaced. Tiwari confessed that he actually wanted KK to sing the track initially, but Bhatt’s recommendation persuaded Suri to entrust Tiwari with completing and recording the song himself.

This revelation provides a captivating insight into the behind-the-scenes drama and decision-making process that took place during the creation of the iconic song ‘Sun Raha Hai.’ It highlights the pivotal role that luck and unexpected twists of fate can play in shaping the destiny of a musical masterpiece.

This intriguing revelation by Ankit Tiwari sheds light on the inner workings of the Bollywood industry, demonstrating how the collaboration between creative minds and the intervention of fate can lead to unforgettable musical moments. The anecdote exemplifies the magic that can occur when talented artists come together and when destiny aligns to create something truly extraordinary.


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