Arjun Kapoor Speaks Out Against Clickbait Culture and False Pregnancy Rumors Surrounding Malaika Arora

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor recently addressed the negative media coverage and clickbait culture surrounding his relationship with Malaika Arora. In an interview, Arjun attributed the promotion of such rumors to today’s clickbait culture, which thrives on negativity. He expressed that negativity is more likely to grab people’s attention, as it has been building over time. Arjun also emphasized that the personal lives of actors are not always private, contributing to the sensationalism in media.

Arjun acknowledged the role of journalists in reaching the audience and urged them to be mindful of the fact that celebrities are human beings too. He requested journalists to verify information with the concerned individuals before publishing it, especially if it is something significant or potentially life-altering. Arjun stated that his intention was to highlight the importance of fact-checking and to prevent false information from being spread about his personal life. He expressed trust in journalists’ responsibility to maintain professionalism and avoid making their work personal or vindictive.

Furthermore, Arjun advised against believing one’s own lies and cautioned against becoming what they are trying to sell. He emphasized the importance of transparency, honesty, and the need to separate personal lives from the realm of false rumors and gossip.

On the work front, Arjun Kapoor has upcoming projects including “The Ladykiller” and “Meri Patni Ka Remake” alongside Bhumi Pednekar.

Arjun’s candid stance on clickbait culture and false rumors surrounding his relationship with Malaika Arora sheds light on the challenges faced by celebrities in the age of media sensationalism. His plea for responsible journalism and the importance of verifying information serves as a reminder that celebrities are individuals who deserve respect and privacy in their personal lives.


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