Arrest Warrant Issued Against Zareen Khan in 2018 Cheating Case

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan finds herself entangled in a legal predicament dating back to 2018, as a Kolkata court issues an arrest warrant in response to a case of alleged cheating. The charges stem from an incident during Navratri of 2018 when organizers of a Durga Pooja event in Kolkata invited Khan, who assured her presence at the pandal. However, on the day of the ceremony, the actress did not appear, leading to a complaint of fraud and cheating filed against her.

While Zareen Khan has expressed surprise and stated that she was unaware of the court order, she assured that her legal counsel is currently addressing the matter. Back in 2018, Khan had cooperated with police questioning, asserting that the event organizers had initially misled her team regarding the prominence of the occasion. She claimed they were initially led to believe it was a high-profile event with prominent political figures in attendance, only to discover it was a smaller affair in North Kolkata. The actress also highlighted challenges faced with travel and accommodation arrangements.

Zareen Khan remains confident that the allegations hold no merit and is actively working with her legal team to address the situation. Further updates on the case are anticipated as the legal proceedings unfold.


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