Astral Limited Joins Forces with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan for a Powerful Collaboration Promoting Bondtite Adhesives

In an exciting synergy of strength and resonance, Astral Limited, a leading name in building materials, has come together with the highly anticipated Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Jawan. This strategic partnership serves as a platform to promote Astral’s flagship adhesive brand, Bondtite, renowned for its robust bonding capabilities and bearing the tagline “Jode Ekdum Tight.” The collaboration not only exemplifies Astral’s innovative marketing approach but also reflects its penchant for merging the grandeur of cinema with brand promotion.

Kairav Engineer, Executive Director at Astral Limited, expressed enthusiasm for this partnership, which aligns with the values of determination and unity echoed in both the movie and the Bondtite brand. As the movie’s release on September 7 approaches, anticipation rises for the synergy between Jawan and Astral’s shared message, symbolizing strong bonds that hold fast. Shah Rukh Khan has also added his charm to the collaboration through a promotional video highlighting the #EkdumTightEkdumRight tagline.


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