Ayushmann Khurrana Adds Flavor to WAI WAI as Brand Ambassador

Bollywood sensation Ayushmann Khurrana has embraced a new role as the face of the beloved noodle brand, WAI WAI. Renowned for his versatility and youth appeal, Ayushmann’s partnership with CG Corp Global’s FMCG division, CG Foods, aims to celebrate the iconic brand’s rich history of 25 years, particularly its unique flavors, delectable taste, and exquisite seasoning.

Speaking on this exciting collaboration, Ayushmann Khurrana expressed his delight, saying, “It’s an absolute pleasure to be associated with a youth-facing brand like Wai Wai. What sets it apart is the vibrant and diverse range of products it offers. From an array of exotic noodles catering to every taste, region, and preference, the brand lives up to its name.”

Mr. Varun Chaudhary, Managing Director of CG Foods & CG Corp Global India, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Collaborating with Ayushmann Khurrana was my top priority, and I am delighted that we have joined forces in such a short time. This partnership comes at a critical moment when my vision for the brand includes not only exponential growth in sales but also the establishment of deep connections with WAI WAI fans across the country. India is an important market for us, and I am dedicated to ensuring that WAI WAI attains a leadership position with its roots deeply entrenched in India.”

Ayushmann Khurrana’s association with WAI WAI promises to infuse even more zest into this beloved noodle brand, making it an enticing choice for fans and food enthusiasts across the nation.


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