Cezanne Khan Denies Domestic Violence and Extortion Allegations, Calls Accuser “Obsessed”

The latest controversy surrounding television actor Cezanne Khan has taken a dramatic turn as he vehemently denies allegations of domestic violence and extortion made against him. The actor, known for his role in the popular show Kasauti Zindagi Kay, referred to the woman making the accusations as “obsessed” and clarified that no FIR (First Information Report) has been filed against him.

In response to the claims, Cezanne Khan firmly dismissed the allegations, stating that no such incident has occurred. He expressed his disbelief and frustration, saying, “Aisa kuch hua hi nahi hai (Nothing like that happened).” Referring to the woman, he emphasized that she seems to be “obsessed” and expressed his reluctance to engage further on the matter, describing it as “bull**it.”

The controversy erupted when an interview with a woman named Aisha Pirani was published, in which she identified herself as Cezanne Khan’s alleged wife. Aisha accused the actor of cheating on her and using her to acquire a US Green Card. She claimed to have filed an FIR against him on June 7, seeking Rs 8 lakh in compensation for the alleged mental torture she endured.

Aisha, asserting her Muslim identity, expressed her desire for the recovery of the money she spent on Cezanne Khan and requested compensation for the emotional distress caused by him. She also stated her intention to seek a legal “khulanama” (divorce) as per Muslim law.

The situation remains contentious as Cezanne Khan firmly denies the allegations, categorizing them as baseless and reiterating that no FIR has been filed against him. As the controversy unfolds, fans and followers of the actor await further developments in this ongoing saga.


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