Chaos Erupts at Patna Cinema Screening Gadar 2: Low-Intensity Bombs Thrown Outside Theatre

Turbulence disrupted the screening of Gadar 2 at a Patna single-screen cinema, Regent Cinema, as reports surfaced of a commotion within the premises followed by the hurling of two low-intensity bombs by unidentified individuals. Thankfully, there were no casualties in this unsettling incident. Two suspects linked to the disturbance and bomb throwing were promptly apprehended by the authorities.

The owner of Regent Cinema, Suman Sinha, offered insight into the ordeal, explaining that the perpetrators sought to exploit the film’s popularity for ticket black marketing. Sinha revealed that these individuals aimed to coerce the cinema staff into allowing unauthorized ticket sales. In the midst of their misguided endeavor, they resorted to creating chaos and even detonating low-intensity bombs.

Sinha assured that his vigilant staff did not succumb to intimidation and stood their ground against wrongdoers. While the culprits managed to flee before the police arrived, their actions were swiftly curtailed, and law enforcement successfully detained them. This incident highlights the resilience of cinema operators like Regent Cinema in upholding ethical standards and ensuring an unblemished movie experience for the audience.


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