Clash of Films on Emergency: Marathi Film “Aani Baani” Set to Release Four Months Ahead of Kangana Ranaut’s “Emergency”

The much-anticipated film “Emergency,” featuring Kangana Ranaut in the lead role as former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, has been generating buzz ever since its announcement. With its intriguing subject revolving around the 1975 Emergency imposed on the nation, and Kangana’s remarkable transformation into the late PM, the film has been grabbing headlines. Notably, the star-studded cast, including Anupam Kher and Shreyas Talpade, further adds to the anticipation surrounding the project.

Kangana recently revealed that “Emergency” is set to hit theaters on November 24. However, another film centered on the same historical event is slated to release nearly four months before Kangana’s movie.

Filmmaker Dinesh Jagtap’s Marathi film, titled “Aani Baani,” referring to the term used in Maharashtra to describe the Emergency of 1975, was announced today. Along with the film’s first poster, the makers unveiled the theatrical release date as July 28. Featuring an ensemble cast including Upendra Limaye, Sayaji Shinde, Pravin Tarde, Sanjay Khapre, Veena Jamkar, and Usha Naik, “Aani Baani” promises to delve into the era of the Emergency.

The intriguing first poster of “Aani Baani” prominently features an old radio, likely symbolizing the dissemination of news about the imposed Emergency. Notably, the title font incorporates a sketch of a vasectomy symbol, possibly alluding to the government’s vasectomy drive during the Emergency.

While “Emergency” boasts several real-life characters, the details regarding the portrayal of historical figures in “Aani Baani” remain unknown for now. Nevertheless, the clash between these two films, both exploring the significant period of India’s history, is bound to pique the curiosity of moviegoers.

As audiences eagerly await the release of these two highly anticipated films, the clash between “Emergency” and “Aani Baani” adds an intriguing dimension to the cinematic landscape, allowing viewers to witness diverse perspectives on the tumultuous era of the Emergency in India.


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