Dior Collaborates with Indian Artists for ‘Mul Mathi’ Exhibition: A Celebration of Indian Art and Culture

Recently, DIOR, a prominent luxury goods conglomerate under LVMH, launched the exhibition ‘Mul Mathi’, featuring the works of celebrated Indian artists Madhvi Parekh and Manu Parekh. Born in Gujarat and spending a significant part of their lives in Delhi, both artists have diverse and unique styles. Madhvi Parekh is known for her bold and colourful compositions inspired by Indian folk art traditions such as Madhubani and Warli, while Manu Parekh’s paintings explore the complexities of urban life and human emotions with a distinctive blend of Indian and Western art elements, characterized by a vivid use of colours.

The exhibition showcases abstract and figurative compositions infused with vibrancy and energy, inspired by the traditional art form of ‘mul-mathi’. As a continuation of Dior’s long-standing tradition of collaborating with fine artists, including Salvador Dali and Jeff Koons, the exhibition has been well-received by art enthusiasts and critics alike. This showcase is a testimony to Dior’s commitment to promoting and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India while fostering collaborations with local artists and designers.

Prominent art collectors, including Abeer and Aashna Abrol, attended the event, who play a vital role in shaping India’s cultural landscape by promoting cultural exchange and development. Aashna documents important art exchanges on her art page @pozo_art, while Abeer contributes to the field after receiving his Master’s degree from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and New York. They credit their father, Mr Vivek Abrol, an avid art collector for decades, for instilling in them a love for fine arts and their legacy from a young age. #🎨 #DIOR #MulMathi #MadhviParekh #ManuParekh #IndianArt #FineArts #Collaboration #CulturalHeritage #Vibrancy #Energy #ArtEnthusiasts #Critics #ProminentArtCollectors #CulturalExchange #Development #PozoArt”


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