Director and Actor Criticize Salman Khan’s Antim Remake, Claiming Original’s Essence Lost

The Bollywood industry is no stranger to remakes, often aiming to breathe new life into successful regional films. However, the remake of the critically acclaimed Marathi movie “Mulshi Pattern” as “Antim: The Final Truth” seems to have left a sour taste for the original film’s director, Pravin Tarde, and actor Upendra Limaye. The duo openly expressed their disappointment with the remake in a recent chat show, hinting at a departure from the original essence that made “Mulshi Pattern” a hit.

Tarde and Limaye’s criticism is centered around the remake’s execution, led by Salman Khan and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Limaye, who portrayed a pivotal role in the original and also featured in the remake, noted how the sincere depiction of the Mulshi region’s raw authenticity was sacrificed for the sake of embellishment. He suggested that retaining the original’s core elements would have still held appeal among the audience.

Tarde, who directed the original Marathi film and was initially involved with “Antim,” decided to step away from the remake due to the numerous changes suggested by Salman Khan. The filmmaker emphasized his allegiance to the heart and soul of “Mulshi Pattern,” asserting that his dedication to the source material remains unwavering.

Interestingly, Limaye’s character in the original was portrayed by Salman Khan in the remake. The irony of the situation is evident as he criticized the remake’s deviation from the sincerity that characterized the original film. Despite the disappointment surrounding “Antim,” both Tarde and Limaye were quick to commend Salman Khan for his humility and helpful nature within the industry.

In a world where remakes are a double-edged sword, this instance serves as a reminder that preserving the essence of a successful original is essential for winning over audiences once again. The tale of “Mulshi Pattern” and its remake “Antim: The Final Truth” echoes the delicate balance between staying true to the roots while embracing innovation in the realm of cinematic adaptations.


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