Farhan Akhtar Excited about Ranveer Singh’s Role in Don 3, Acknowledges Divided Opinions

The anticipation surrounding Don 3 continues to build as Farhan Akhtar, the creative force behind the franchise, shares his excitement about Ranveer Singh taking on the iconic role. In a recent interview, Farhan expressed his enthusiasm for the project, praising Ranveer’s suitability for the character. He drew parallels to the initial skepticism when Shah Rukh Khan stepped into the shoes of Don, citing the process of an actor making a role their own. Farhan emphasized the responsibility of ensuring the script matches his vision, while also reassuring fans that the filming is set to begin in January 2025.

Addressing the qualities that make a good Don, Farhan highlighted self-confidence, flamboyance, and unwavering determination. While the announcement has sparked varied reactions from fans, Ranveer Singh is fully aware of the role’s legacy and hopes to deliver an unforgettable performance, should the audience give him the opportunity. Produced by Excel Entertainment and scheduled for a 2025 release, Don 3 promises to bring a fresh perspective to the iconic character, adding to the intrigue surrounding this highly anticipated action franchise.


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