Filmmaker Kedar Shinde Hints at Baipan Bhari Deva Part 2 Under One Condition

After the stupendous success of Marathi movie Baipan Bhari Deva, director Kedar Shinde has teased the possibility of a sequel that has fans buzzing with excitement. Breaking box office records and receiving widespread acclaim, the film revolves around the heartwarming tale of six sisters reuniting for a traditional dance competition. In an exclusive chat, Shinde revealed that while the idea of a sequel tempts him, he places great importance on maintaining the audience’s respect and delivering a worthy storyline.

The director expressed his desire to reach a wider audience beyond Maharashtra, emphasizing the universal emotional connect of the film. Known for his diverse film choices, Shinde follows a simple criterion while selecting projects: he chooses stories he would personally buy a ticket to watch. As fans eagerly await a potential Baipan Bhari Deva Part 2, the director’s commitment to sincerity and quality promises another cinematic masterpiece if the perfect script comes his way.


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