Jacqueline Fernandez Granted Travel Freedom by Delhi Court Amidst Legal Proceedings

In a significant development, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has received a favorable ruling from the Delhi court, allowing her to travel abroad without prior court permission. This decision comes in the wake of her alleged connection to the Rs. 200 crore money laundering case involving conman Sukesh Chandreshekhar, who is currently in custody.

The Patiala House Court in Delhi modified a bail condition that previously mandated Jacqueline to seek court approval before traveling abroad. Additional Sessions Judge Shailender Malik, considering her profession’s demands and swift travel requirements, emphasized that such a condition could jeopardize her livelihood. The actress will now be required to inform the court three days before her international trips, providing her travel itinerary and contact details. A refundable fixed deposit of Rs. 50 lakhs is to be deposited as collateral for her timely return. This ruling sheds light on the complexities of balancing legal proceedings with professional commitments for individuals in the public eye.


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