Kangana Ranaut Responds Gracefully to Thalaivii’s National Film Awards Snub

After the announcement of the winners at the 69th National Film Awards, Kangana Ranaut, who portrayed J Jayalalithaa in “Thalaivii,” took to her Instagram stories to share a thoughtful response about the film not securing any accolades. Acknowledging the diversity of art and perspectives, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the cinematic world and praised the collaborative spirit of the art carnival that the awards represent.

Kangana’s note read, “Congratulations to all the winners of #nationalawards2023. It’s such an art carnival that brings all the artists across the country together… It’s truly magical to know and to get introduced to so much important work that’s happening across all languages.” She gracefully mentioned that while her film “Thalaivii” may not have won, she remains thankful for the blessings she receives. She emphasized that art is subjective and commended the jury for their efforts.

“Thalaivii,” produced by Zee Studios, chronicles the journey of a remarkable woman from her acting career to becoming a significant political figure, portraying the life of J Jayalalithaa. Kangana Ranaut’s gracious response reflects her appreciation for the artistic process and the collective effort that goes into creating impactful cinema.


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