Kangana Ranaut Slams Karan Johar’s Cryptic Post, Calls Out “Chacha Chaudhary” for Insulting Her on National Television

The long-standing feud between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and filmmaker Karan Johar has taken a fresh turn as Ranaut slammed Johar’s recent cryptic post on social media. In her latest comments, Ranaut accused Johar of insulting and bullying her on national television in the past because she couldn’t speak English. The feud between the two started when Ranaut extended her support to Priyanka Chopra Jonas for speaking up about bullying and lobbying in the film industry.

Ranaut took to her social media handle and wrote, “Ek waqt tha jab Chacha Chaudhary elite nepo mafia walon ke saath national television pe mujhe insult and bully karta tha because I couldn’t speak English.” (There was a time when Chacha Chaudhary would join the elite nepo mafia and would insult and bully me on national television because I couldn’t speak in English.)

She further added, “Aaj inki Hindi dekh ke khayal aaya, abhi toh sirf tumhari Hindi sudhari hai aage aage dekho hota hai kya.” (Today, after seeing your comment, I realized your Hindi has improved. Just wait and watch what happens next.)

The feud between Ranaut and Johar intensified after PeeCee appeared on a podcast and spoke about facing lobbying and bullying in the Hindi film industry, leading many to presume that Johar was the person she was referring to. An old video of Johar joking about campaigning against Anushka Sharma’s career also resurfaced on social media, adding fuel to the fire.

In response to the allegations and backlash online, Johar shared a cryptic message on his Instagram story, which read, “Laga lo ilzaam, hum jhukne waalon mein se nahi, jhoot ka ban jao ghulam, hum bolne waalon mein se nahi, jitna neecha dikhaoge, jitne aarop lagaoge, hum girne waalon mein se nahi, humara karam humari Vijay hai, aap utha lo talvaar, Hum marne waalon mein se nahi.” (Accuse us all you want, we are not among those who bow down, become slaves of lies, we are not among those who stay silent, the more you try to bring us down, the more allegations you level, we are not among those who fall, our destiny is our victory, you pick up the sword, we are not among

those who die.)

The ongoing feud between Ranaut and Johar continues to make headlines in the Bollywood industry, with fans and followers eagerly watching the developments. As the two trade barbs on social media, the controversy shows no signs of dying down anytime soon.

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