Kapil Sharma’s Heartwarming Gesture and Aamir Khan’s Playful Complaint at Carry On Jatta 3 Trailer Launch

In a delightful and rare encounter, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and renowned comedian Kapil Sharma crossed paths at the trailer launch of the much-awaited Punjabi film Carry On Jatta 3. The event became even more special when Kapil Sharma touched Aamir Khan’s feet, adding a touch of reverence to the occasion.

Aamir Khan, known for his selective appearances on television shows, expressed his admiration for Kapil Sharma during his speech. He mentioned that he had been watching Kapil’s show for the past few months and had become a huge fan. Aamir’s smile lit up the stage when Kapil joined him, and he commended Kapil for his ability to entertain and bring joy to people’s lives.

However, Aamir playfully complained about not being invited to Kapil’s show, remarking, “Aapne mujhe show pe nahin bulaya. Yeh galat baat hai!” But he quickly added, “Isse pehle ki yeh puche, main hi bol deta hoon. Kapil se ek kadam aage hoon main!” It was evident that the camaraderie between the two stars was full of warmth and mutual respect.

Kapil Sharma, in response, expressed his eagerness to have Aamir Khan as a guest on his show, stating that it would be their privilege. He revealed that he had previously requested Aamir to appear on the show, but due to various commitments, the meeting got postponed for three long years. Nonetheless, Kapil Sharma remained hopeful about Aamir’s presence on his show in the future.

The interaction took an interesting turn when a journalist asked if Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma would consider doing a film together. Aamir responded with enthusiasm, saying, “Kapil and me doing a film together? I would love that yaar!” The journalist playfully remarked that Aamir is a perfectionist while Kapil Sharma is the “sabke dil ke raja” (king of everyone’s hearts). To this, Aamir joined in the banter, proclaiming, “Mere bhi dil ke raja hai woh!” Kapil Sharma added to the lighthearted moment by thanking the journalist for asking the question based on his request.

The trailer launch of Carry On Jatta 3 became an unforgettable event, not just because of the film but also due to the endearing camaraderie and playful banter between Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma. Fans eagerly await the day when these two talented individuals will collaborate, either on-screen or on Kapil’s renowned television show, bringing forth a delightful union of comedy and perfection.


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