Karishma Tanna Clears the Air on Pregnancy Rumors and Reveals Celebrities She Admires

Karishma Tanna, known for her roles in both films and television, recently addressed the weirdest rumor she had heard about herself. In an interview, the actor shared her surprise at a report claiming she was pregnant based solely on the fact that she had touched her belly outside a restaurant. Karishma dismissed the rumor, explaining that she had merely rubbed her belly after eating a satisfying meal. She expressed her astonishment at how such a small action could lead to such unfounded speculations and urged the media to focus on more meaningful news.

Apart from addressing the rumors, Karishma Tanna also revealed the aspects of other celebrities’ lives that she admires. When asked what she would steal from Sara Ali Khan, she humorously replied, “her father” (referring to Saif Ali Khan). Additionally, Karishma expressed her interest in observing Shah Rukh Khan’s life from a reporter’s perspective, admiring his intelligence and intriguing personality. She also mentioned her admiration for Janhvi Kapoor’s physique and Ananya Panday’s bubbly and positive personality. Finally, she expressed her appreciation for Alia Bhatt’s talent, confessing that she would love to possess such skills.

Karishma Tanna’s candid and light-hearted responses provide a glimpse into her personality, as she addresses rumors with humor and shares her admiration for fellow celebrities. While clarifying the misconceptions about her personal life, she also acknowledges the qualities she finds appealing in others. Karishma Tanna’s upcoming project, Netflix’s Scoop, has garnered attention, and fans are eager to see her in this new venture.

Watch out the post here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cs73SPBIF0h/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=9dbf26b6-f6fd-4c12-881a-7037729d2b7d


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