Kiara Advani Becomes the Face of GALAXY Chocolates: Indulging in Sweet Pleasures

Bollywood sensation Kiara Advani has recently been named the brand ambassador for Mars Wrigley’s globally renowned confectionery brand, GALAXY chocolates. The announcement of this exciting collaboration was made through Kiara’s official social media pages, accompanied by a captivating teaser video. In a whimsical setting, the talented actor is seen relishing the smoothness of GALAXY chocolates, finding joy with every delectable bite.

Conceptualized by the brand’s creative agency, DDB Tribal, the latest TV commercial brings forth the notion that everyday moments can be transformed into pleasurable experiences with GALAXY chocolates. The ad depicts Kiara engaging in a playful hide-and-seek with the moon, as the celestial body casts a spotlight on the GALAXY chocolate, capturing the otherworldly experience that the brand promises. This establishes GALAXY as the go-to choice for pleasure seekers across the country.

Expressing her excitement about the association, Kiara shares, “The only sweet craving I have is for chocolate. I love indulging, even if it’s just a small piece after every meal. Chocolate holds a special place in all our hearts as it evokes childhood memories. Being a loyal consumer of GALAXY chocolate, this collaboration is close to my heart. You will always find a bar or two in my refrigerator. It brings me immense happiness to be a part of such an iconic and globally loved brand.”

The campaign, shot on the streets of Istanbul, features an original blues soundtrack and captures the essence of GALAXY’s global platform, #ChoosePleasure, with Kiara’s captivating charm. The film invites viewers to immerse themselves in the indulgent experience without the need for explanations or summaries. It’s a visual treat meant to be savored on a large screen, encouraging audiences to embrace pleasure and choose GALAXY chocolates.

Since its launch in India in 2013, GALAXY chocolates have offered a distinctively pleasurable journey through their rich milk chocolate and Mars Wrigley’s signature smooth recipe. The brand has become a favorite among chocolate enthusiasts worldwide, known for its velvety texture that perfectly combines the goodness of chocolate flavor with a creamy consistency.

Stay tuned as Kiara Advani indulges in the delightful world of GALAXY chocolates, reminding us all to savor life’s sweet pleasures one bite at a time.


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