Konkona Sen Sharma Praises Jaya Bachchan’s Attitude Towards Paparazzi and More

Konkona Sen Sharma, the renowned Bollywood actress, recently opened up about her admiration for the legendary actress Jaya Bachchan, in an exclusive interview with ETimes. Konkona and Jaya Bachchan have worked together in films like Laga Chunari Mein Daag and Rituparna Ghosh’s unreleased film Sunglass. Konkona fondly calls her “Jaya di” and shared heartwarming memories of their time together on set.

The Kolkata connection between Konkona and Jaya Bachchan goes beyond their films. Jaya Bachchan is still referred to as “Jaya Bhaduri” in Bengal, and Konkona reveals that there is a sense of ownership and pride associated with her name in the region. Konkona grew up hearing about Jaya Bachchan, whose father was a respected journalist.

Recalling their time shooting for Laga Chunari Mein Daag in Benaras, Konkona shares how Jaya Bachchan took her under her wings when she was feeling homesick during the long outdoor shoot. Konkona felt loved and protected by Jaya Bachchan’s warmth, and she remains grateful for her support.

Konkona also appreciates Jaya Bachchan’s attitude towards the paparazzi. She describes Jaya Bachchan as having a no-nonsense attitude, carrying herself with dignity, grace, and humor. Konkona admires how Jaya Bachchan scolds the paparazzi and tells funny stories during their chats. She finds Jaya Bachchan inspirational because she does her own thing and allows her colleagues to talk to her as equals.

For Konkona, working with Jaya Bachchan has been a memorable experience. She considers Jaya Bachchan a gem and admires her for her attitude towards the paparazzi, her no-nonsense approach, and her ability to connect with colleagues as equals.

In conclusion, Konkona Sen Sharma’s admiration for Jaya Bachchan’s attitude towards the paparazzi and her warmth towards colleagues is a testament to the legendary actress’s enduring impact on the Bollywood industry.


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