Kriti Sanon Hosts Special Screening of Adipurush for Students and Family at a Delhi Multiplex

Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon, who recently garnered praise for her role as Janki in the highly-anticipated film Adipurush, is taking a heartwarming initiative to share the cinematic experience with her alma mater’s students. The talented actress has booked a screening at a prominent multiplex in Delhi on June 21, where she plans to treat the students of Delhi Public School, R K Puram, to a special viewing of the epic Ramayana-based movie.

According to a reliable source, Kriti Sanon believes that Adipurush’s captivating storyline will resonate with the young audience, making it an enjoyable experience for the students. Excitement is running high as the actress’s family members will also join the screening, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Although the exact number of students attending the screening remains undisclosed, the 300-seater auditorium is expected to witness a significant turnout. The students are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to watch a film featuring their esteemed alumna, Kriti Sanon, and her presence at the screening is sure to make it an unforgettable experience. The multiplex team has made all necessary arrangements to ensure a seamless and enjoyable screening for everyone in attendance.

This special gesture by Kriti Sanon reflects her deep connection and fondness for her educational institution. In the past, she had promoted her film Bhediya at Delhi Public School alongside co-star Varun Dhawan, and she even extended warm congratulations to the school on its 50th anniversary through a heartfelt video message.

Adipurush, featuring Kriti Sanon alongside stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Devdatta G Nage, has garnered significant attention since its release on June 16. The film’s makers recently made adjustments to certain dialogues based on audience feedback, and the revised version has been playing in select cinemas. As of today, the new version is expected to be screened nationwide, generating even more excitement among moviegoers.

Apart from Adipurush, Kriti Sanon has an exciting lineup of films in the coming months. Fans can anticipate her appearance in The Crew, slated for release on September 20, followed by Ganapath – Part 1, where she reunites with her first co-actor, Tiger Shroff, hitting theaters on October 20. The actress’s final release for 2023 will be an untitled film featuring Shahid Kapoor, set to hit cinemas on December 7.

Kriti Sanon’s commitment to connecting with her audience and giving back to her alma mater through this special screening exemplifies her dedication and passion for both her craft and her fans.

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