Legal Twist in Kangana Ranaut and Javed Akhtar Defamation Case: Summons Stayed

A legal twist unfolds in the high-profile defamation battle between actress Kangana Ranaut and lyricist Javed Akhtar. The court proceedings have taken an unexpected turn as Kangana Ranaut’s summons to appear before the Andheri court on August 30 has been temporarily stayed by the Dindoshi court. The new hearing date has been set for October 18, giving both parties more time to prepare their arguments.

The case stems from Javed Akhtar’s 2020 complaint against Kangana Ranaut, where he alleged that she made defamatory statements during a television interview, tarnishing his reputation. The legal tussle intensified after Ranaut mentioned Akhtar’s name while discussing a ‘coterie’ in Bollywood following the tragic passing of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

While Akhtar’s legal team contends that the initial summons were hastily and inappropriately issued, the legal battle continues with its next chapter set to unfold in October. The courtroom drama continues as the two prominent figures in the industry navigate the complexities of defamation and freedom of speech.


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