“Made in Heaven 2” Creators Counter Allegations of Work Appropriation by Author Yashica Dutt

Controversy has enveloped the creators of “Made in Heaven 2,” as they respond to author Yashica Dutt’s claims of non-acknowledgement for her contributions in the series’ fifth episode. Dutt expressed her disappointment over what she perceives as a lack of credit for her insights as a Dalit woman, particularly in relation to the character portrayed by Radhika Apte. In a heartfelt statement, Dutt disclosed her disappointment at the alleged appropriation of her work, urging acknowledgment rather than money or fame.

In response, the creators of the show, Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar, released an official statement denying any appropriation. They clarified that the episode was a work of fiction, centered around a Dalit woman named Pallavi Menke. The creators emphasized that this character isn’t drawn from Dutt’s life or her book, and cited that the term “coming out” in the Indian caste context predates Dutt’s usage. Their statement outlined that the narrative of Menke’s grandmother’s history was a recurring theme in their research. Expressing immense respect for Dutt’s work, the creators emphasized their dedication to crafting the show with sincerity and passion.

In the midst of this dispute, the nuances of storytelling and representation come to the forefront, raising questions about creative inspiration and credit in the digital age.


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