Manish Malhotra to Direct Meena Kumari Biopic – Inspired by Rekha, Scripting in Progress

Ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra is all set to make his directorial debut with a prestigious project – a biopic on the legendary late actress Meena Kumari. Confirming the news, Manish revealed that the scripting for the film is currently underway. In an interview, he shared his fascination with Meena Kumari’s brilliance and how actress Rekha played a pivotal role in inspiring him to take on this ambitious venture.

Rekha, who had previously shared her admiration for Meena Kumari, told Manish that he would truly understand the late veteran’s genius when he turned 40. As fate would have it, Manish eventually reached that age and delved deep into the cinema of iconic stars like Meena Kumari, Nargis, Dilip Kumar, and Guru Dutt, gaining a newfound appreciation for their artistry.

Meena Kumari, who left an indelible mark on Indian cinema with her remarkable performances, passed away at the young age of 38 due to liver cirrhosis. She is credited with working in 98 films and is celebrated as one of the legendary stars of her time. While Manish Malhotra’s biopic project is taking shape, concerns have been raised by Meena Kumari’s husband Kamal Amrohi’s son Tajdar Amrohi about the portrayal of his parents in the film.

Amidst these discussions, it has been reported that Kriti Sanon has been signed to play Meena Kumari in the biopic. Manish, respectful of Kriti’s talent, has expressed his intention to clear any misunderstandings with her, conveying that his remarks were not directed personally but were meant for the actor who takes on the pivotal role in the film.

As the scripting continues and the biopic moves forward, fans await the cinematic celebration of Meena Kumari’s extraordinary life and legacy, eagerly anticipating Manish Malhotra’s directorial debut in this landmark project.


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