Manoj Bajpayee and Sharmila Tagore’s Stellar Performance in Gulmohar Sets the Stage for Indian Film Festival Stuttgart

The highly acclaimed film Gulmohar, starring the powerhouse duo of Manoj Bajpayee and Sharmila Tagore, has been chosen as the opening film for the 20th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart in Germany. Directed by Rahul V. Chittella, this captivating family drama had previously garnered positive reviews and an overwhelming response when it premiered on Disney+ Hotstar earlier this year. The film’s success has also extended beyond India’s borders, with accolades received at the New York Indian Film Festival.

Director Rahul V. Chittella, who had previously won the German Star of India at the same festival in 2017 for his short film Azaad, expressed his excitement at this recent achievement. In a statement, he shared, “I’m so excited that Gulmohar has been chosen to open the prestigious Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart, which is celebrating its 20th year of showcasing soulful stories from our part of the world in Germany! It’s lovely to return to the festival with a film as special as Gulmohar after my previous win with Azaad.”

He further expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming love and appreciation Gulmohar has received from audiences worldwide. The film’s themes of family and home have resonated deeply with viewers, making it a standout production. Following successful screenings in New York last month, the team is now gearing up for exciting showcases in Stuttgart and Berlin in July, with plans to captivate audiences worldwide throughout the year.

Gulmohar, a Star Studios production in collaboration with Chalkboard Entertainment and Autonomous Works, boasts a stellar ensemble cast that includes Suraj Sharma, Amol Palekar, Kaveri Seth, and Simran, among others. The film’s selection as the opening film for the Indian Film Festival Stuttgart serves as a testament to its captivating storytelling, exceptional performances, and international appeal.

As fans eagerly anticipate the festival’s grand opening, Gulmohar continues to leave an indelible mark on the global cinematic landscape. Stay tuned for updates on this extraordinary film’s journey as it mesmerizes audiences with its poignant narrative and remarkable performances.


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