Mrunal Thakur talks about her success after Sita Ramam and new film Gumraah

Mrunal Thakur talks about the success of her multilingual film, Sita Ramam, and how it has opened up new opportunities for her in Bollywood. The talented actor has been receiving recognition and appreciation from filmmakers who now want to cast her in roles written specifically for her. In a recent interview with, she also opened up about her upcoming project, Gumraah, where she will be seen playing the role of a female cop.

Thakur explained how she was drawn to Gumraah because it is a genre that she has never explored before. She wanted to challenge herself by taking on a role that required her to deliver dialogues with minimal words, yet still convey powerful emotions. She sees the film as an opportunity to break her inhibitions and explore the thriller genre, which has always been a favorite of hers.

The actor also spoke about her tendency to “overshare” on social media. Thakur explained that she likes to share personal aspects of her life with her fans because it helps her connect with them on a deeper level. She believes that being open and honest with her followers allows them to see her as a real person and not just a celebrity.

Thakur’s upcoming film, Gumraah, is a Hindi adaptation of the Tamil crime thriller, Thadam. She stars alongside Aditya Roy Kapur and is excited to be part of yet another remake after the successful Jersey with Shahid Kapoor. With Gumraah, Thakur hopes to showcase her versatility as an actor and continue to grow in the industry.

As Thakur continues to make a name for herself in Bollywood, it is evident that her hard work and dedication are paying off. Her success in Sita Ramam has opened new doors for her, and she is taking on new challenges with Gumraah. Her willingness to be open and honest with her fans is also endearing and has helped her connect with them on a deeper level. Fans can’t wait to see what Thakur has in store for them next.


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