Prashanth Neel Plans Reshoot for Salaar Climax; Prabhas Starrer Faces Further Delay

In a surprising turn of events, director Prashanth Neel and Hombale Films have decided to embark on a reshoot of key scenes, particularly the climax, for their highly anticipated action-thriller, Salaar. This decision comes just 30 days before the film’s initially slated release date of September 28, which has now been postponed due to unresolved VFX concerns. This move, although unexpected, reflects Neel’s unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled cinematic experience.

According to an insider close to the project, Prashanth Neel expressed a strong desire to refine and elevate the film after a recent viewing, recognizing untapped potential for enhancement. The production team, demonstrating tremendous support for Neel’s vision, readily approved the delay to allow for creative improvements. The decision has been received positively by all stakeholders, as they collectively strive to present audiences with an impeccably polished product.

VFX intricacies have also played a role in the postponement, with approximately 600 shots yet to be finalized. This delay, coupled with the reshoots in the climax, contributed to the decision to push back the release date. Once the pending VFX shots are received and integrated seamlessly into the final edit by Prashanth Neel, a new release date for Salaar will be officially announced. This development, while causing a delay, reaffirms the team’s dedication to delivering a cinematic masterpiece that exceeds all expectations.


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