Priyanka Chopra Exits Partnership with NYC Restaurant “Sona” to Pursue Global Culinary Ambitions

After a vibrant foray into the culinary scene, Priyanka Chopra has decided to step away from her partnership with the New York City restaurant “Sona.” The actress initially co-founded the restaurant in collaboration with Maneesh K. Goyal, offering an exclusive Indian cuisine experience. However, after two years, Chopra has chosen to shift her focus, allowing her culinary aspirations to expand on a more global scale.

A representative stated, “Priyanka has stepped away from her partnership at Sona. Stepping away from Sona allows her to broaden these ambitions on a more global scale, and she’s excited about the possibilities that await.”

Though she’s no longer involved as a creative partner, Priyanka Chopra’s passion for the food scene and hospitality remains strong. Her journey with Sona was a testament to her commitment to showcasing Indian culture, whether through captivating stories on screen or beautifully crafted dishes. While this chapter has closed, Chopra’s future endeavors in both the entertainment and culinary industries continue to capture the imagination of her fans worldwide.


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