Priyanka Chopra’s Sacrifice for Daughter Malti: “I’d Give Up My Career and Move Countries Without Question”

Priyanka Chopra‘s parents made a huge sacrifice by giving up their successful private practice in Bareilly to move to Mumbai when she became Miss India 2000. The move kickstarted Priyanka’s acting career and now, she has a flourishing career in Hollywood as well. In a recent interview with Femina, Priyanka revealed that if she were asked to give up her career and move countries for her daughter Malti, she would do it without question.

Priyanka acknowledges the huge sacrifice her parents made for her and wants to create a dialogue around parenting and raising sons with respect for women. She believes that creating opportunities for women in positions of power is what will change society’s perspective towards women.

Priyanka, who now lives in Los Angeles with her singer-husband Nick Jonas and their daughter Malti, often talks about how her mother Madhu Chopra and mom-in-law Denise Jonas help out with Malti when she is away. Her commitment to her family is admirable, and it’s clear that she would go to great lengths to ensure her daughter has a bright future.


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