Rajpal Yadav’s Mother Disturbed by Son’s Beatings in Hungama, Refuses to Watch

Veteran actor Rajpal Yadav recently revealed an endearing yet amusing incident involving his mother’s reaction to watching his film Hungama for the first time. During an interview, Yadav shared that when his family gathered to watch the 2003 comedy film directed by Priyadarshan, his mother became genuinely worried and concerned. In most scenes of the film, Yadav’s character endures a series of comical beatings, which deeply affected his mother.

Yadav, who couldn’t bring his mother to Mumbai due to her inability to travel, decided to screen the film at home for her. After the movie finished, he asked his mother about her thoughts. To Yadav’s surprise, her immediate response was, “Kitna pitte hai log tujhe” (People beat you up so much). However, she stopped watching the film after witnessing her son being slapped twice.

In an attempt to alleviate his mother’s concerns, Yadav explained to her that the beatings were only part of the fictional world of cinema and not real-life occurrences. He reassured her that the actors involved in the scenes are actually friends and embrace each other warmly once the cameras stop rolling. Yadav even shared with her that such scenes are included in movies to enhance their popularity and success.

Despite Yadav’s explanations, his mother adamantly refused to watch her son endure any more beatings on the screen. The actor empathizes with her sentiment, acknowledging the difficulty a mother faces in witnessing her child being thrashed, even in a fictional context.

Hungama, featuring Rajpal Yadav alongside actors like Akshaye Khanna, Aftab Shivdasani, Rimi Sen, and Paresh Rawal, follows the story of Raja, an innocent man entangled in a chaotic situation. Yadav has previously credited Hungama for transforming his career, stating that the film not only brought him financial stability but also earned him respect, fame, and recognition.

Rajpal Yadav’s amusing yet heartfelt anecdote sheds light on the emotional aspect of an actor’s work, where even the fictional portrayal of violence can elicit genuine concern and distress from loved ones. It showcases the unconditional love and protective nature of a mother, reminding us of the impact our performances can have on those closest to us.


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