Rani Mukerji Expresses Eagerness to Reprise Shivani’s Role in Mardaani 3

Bollywood’s seasoned actress Rani Mukerji has set hearts racing with her candid revelations about the highly-anticipated “Mardaani 3.” During an insightful interview, the versatile artist shared her excitement about the potential third installment of the beloved franchise. Known for her compelling performances, Rani’s portrayal of Inspector Shivani Shivaji Roy has left an indelible mark on audiences. Reflecting on her journey as an actor, Rani revealed, “With Mardaani 2, I was surprised that I enjoyed reprising the part, so now I want to reprise it again in Mardaani 3.”

While the thought of stepping into Shivani’s shoes again brings joy to the actress, Rani emphasized the importance of a meaningful script, one that resonates with today’s audience and empowers women. She highlighted that the decision to proceed with “Mardaani 3” hinges on a script that is not only exciting but also impactful, making a difference in the cinematic landscape. As fans eagerly await more details, Rani Mukerji’s enthusiasm for breathing life into Shivani once again promises an engaging and empowering cinematic experience.


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