Ranveer Singh Joins Forces with Britannia NutriChoice to Ignite Healthy Living with #FeelTheFit Campaign

Bollywood’s dynamic star, Ranveer Singh, has teamed up with Britannia NutriChoice for a game-changing campaign titled #FeelTheFit. Spearheaded by Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, this campaign is set to inspire a healthier lifestyle by underscoring the value of wellness.

In a refreshing take on fitness, the campaign comprises two captivating films featuring Ranveer Singh as an embodiment of the transformative ‘fit waali’ feeling that accompanies making good choices, such as opting for NutriChoice snacks. The underlying message is simple yet powerful: even the smallest positive choices can lead to remarkable changes in how we feel about ourselves.


Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer at Britannia Industries, shared, “Fitness is now a mindset that goes beyond appearances. With this insight, we’ve introduced the #FeelTheFit campaign, celebrating each person’s journey towards wellness, regardless of its scale. The campaign encourages individuals to embrace good choices, whether it’s hitting the gym or choosing the right snack.”

Ranveer Singh, the face of the campaign, expressed his excitement, stating, “Partnering with an iconic brand like Britannia NutriChoice, which empowers consumers to embark on a journey towards better living, aligns seamlessly with my beliefs. The campaign’s essence is that any choice contributing to fitness is a good choice. I’m thrilled to be part of #FeelTheFit, a movement inspiring positive choices for a fitter life.”

Arpan Bhattacharyya, Executive Director and Head of Creative (Copy) at Lowe Lintas, Bangalore, noted, “While most fitness ads emphasize the end result, our focus was on the beginning. Whether it’s the first nutritious meal or the initial day of a workout plan, every fitness journey commences with a small choice. This campaign celebrates that initial choice, which instantly makes us feel better and fitter.”

The essence of the #FeelTheFit campaign lies in motivating individuals to continue their holistic health journey by recognizing the significance of each effort, regardless of its size. By shifting the narrative from solely focusing on the ultimate goal to highlighting the positive sensation accompanying every good decision, this campaign seeks to instill a lasting culture of wellness.


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