Remembering the Melody King: Mukesh Ji’s 100th Birth Anniversary Commemoration at ‘Mukesh Chowk’

On 22nd July 2023, the world celebrates the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary singer, Mukesh Ji, whose timeless melodies continue to touch the hearts of millions even today.

Mukesh Chand Mathur, fondly known as Mukesh Ji, was one of the most remarkable playback singers in the history of Indian cinema. Born on July 22nd, 1923, in Delhi, he began his journey as a playback singer in the 1940s and quickly carved a niche for himself with his soulful voice and heartfelt renditions. His association with the legendary music directors Naushad, Shankar Jaikishan and many more, proved to be a milestone in his career, and together, they created unforgettable melodies.

As the world commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of Mukesh Ji, his family came together at “Mukesh Chowk” to offer their heartfelt tributes. Each family member laid flowers at the statue, and their eyes reflected pride and nostalgia as they reminisced about the great singer and the wonderful human being that he was.

The atmosphere at “Mukesh Chowk” was filled with both joy and sorrow. Apart from the Mukesh family, numerous fans and admirers of Mukesh Ji also flocked to “Mukesh Chowk” on this special day. People from different walks of life, united by their love for the legendary singer, paid their respects and shared anecdotes about how Mukesh Ji’s songs touched their lives. Some even sang his melodies, immortalizing the essence of his music.

Mukesh Ji’s voice was not just a voice; it was an emotion that transcended boundaries, languages, and cultures. His music lives on, forever capturing the hearts of millions, and “Mukesh Chowk” stands as a timeless symbol of remembrance for this legendary singer and human being.


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