Sara Ali Khan Reunites with Ex-Boyfriend Veer Pahariya in Akshay Kumar’s “Sky Force”

Exciting news awaits Bollywood fans as Sara Ali Khan is set to share the screen with her ex-boyfriend, Veer Pahariya, in the upcoming film “Sky Force.” The movie, directed by Sandeep Kewlani and produced by Dinesh Vijan and Jio Studios, features the dynamic duo of Akshay Kumar and Abhishek Kapur alongside the talented Sara Ali Khan.

The shooting for “Sky Force” commenced in May and is expected to span three months, covering various locations. Currently, the team is capturing captivating scenes in London, where they have recreated parts of India to enhance the film’s visual appeal.

The announcement of Sara Ali Khan and Veer Pahariya coming together on-screen has sparked immense curiosity among fans and industry enthusiasts alike. Their previous relationship adds an intriguing element to the film, heightening the anticipation for their on-screen chemistry.

Akshay Kumar’s collaboration with director Sandeep Kewlani and Abhishek Kapur further adds to the excitement surrounding “Sky Force.” Known for his versatility and dedication to his craft, Akshay Kumar is set to bring his signature charm to this highly anticipated project.

As the shoot progresses and the captivating storyline unfolds, fans eagerly await the magic that “Sky Force” promises to deliver. With a talented cast, accomplished director, and an intriguing narrative, this film is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences.


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