Sara Ali Khan Talks About Remaking Her Mother’s Movies: “Father Ki Movie Remake Karke Kya Tehelka Mach Gaya”

Sara Ali Khan, who is currently promoting her upcoming film Gaslight, recently appeared on Shehnaaz Gill’s show Desi Vibes where she was asked if she would ever remake any of her mother Amrita Singh’s movies. In response, the actress made a sarcastic remark about herself, saying, “Father ki movie remake karke kya tehelka mach gaya, Love Aaj Kal. Wapas thodi karungi aisa.”

Sara’s sense of humour and wit were on full display during the show, as she went on to explain why she won’t be remaking any of her mother’s movies. She stated that her mother has done such a great job and that she doesn’t think she can do it justice. However, when Shehnaaz encouraged Sara to try and act in films like her mother, she agreed to give it a shot.

Sara’s comments have sparked a lot of interest among fans, who are now wondering if she will ever take up the challenge of remaking one of her mother’s iconic films. Amrita Singh has acted in several hit movies, including Chameli Ki Shaadi, Betaab, and Naam. It would certainly be interesting to see Sara take on one of her mother’s roles and put her own spin on it.

Sara Ali Khan’s Gaslight is set to release soon, and the actress has been busy with its promotions. She has been praised for her performance in the film and is expected to deliver yet another stellar performance. With her charming personality and great acting skills, Sara is definitely one of the most promising young actors in Bollywood today.

In conclusion, Sara Ali Khan’s comments about remaking her mother’s movies have sparked a lot of curiosity among fans. While she may have made a sarcastic remark about herself, there’s no doubt that Sara has the talent and charisma to take on any role and make it her own. Fans will just have to wait and see if she decides to take up the challenge of remaking one of her mother’s iconic films.


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