Shaan Shares Hilarious Anecdote Behind Iconic ‘Tanha Dil’ Music Video

In a delightful trip down memory lane, renowned singer Shaan revealed a hilarious story behind the making of his iconic pop song, ‘Tanha Dil.’ In an exclusive interviev, Shaan disclosed that the video’s director, Sanil Shekhawat, kept the concept a mystery during the shoot. Shaan humorously recounted how he continuously asked the director about the video’s theme, but all he got in response was, “Nothing. You don’t need to worry about that.”

When the day of the shoot arrived at Mumbai’s Filmcity, the director’s unconventional instructions left Shaan utterly puzzled. “He said, ‘Yahan se wahan chalo, wahan se yahan chalo’ (walk from here to there and from there to here). Now wear these clothes and walk from here to there.’ Some people were walking with me. I didn’t understand till the end what he was doing,” Shaan shared.

However, when the final video was revealed, Shaan was amazed by the artistic brilliance behind it. He came to realize the profound meaning embedded in the seemingly random instructions. “The walk is your life. When you look back, you see things that have happened. When you look ahead, it’s the future. When you look back, you see your friends and your love and due to some reason, you have to leave them and move ahead. At that time, you wonder what will happen with you in the future. But when you look back, you realize that they are always there with you. So, this is how he made a metaphoric video,” Shaan explained.

Sharing more delightful memories about the song, Shaan reminisced about the enjoyable times spent with composer Ram Sampath during the creative process. The two collaborated on the entire project of eight songs over two and a half years, frequently visiting each other’s homes and cherishing precious moments while creating musical magic.


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