Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Poised to Rewrite Box Office Records with Staggering Day 1 Predictions

Bollywood fans and trade experts are abuzz with anticipation as Shah Rukh Khan‘s upcoming film, ‘Jawan,’ is poised to make history at the box office. With the superstar’s previous release, ‘Pathaan,’ raking in an impressive Rs. 57 crores on a non-holiday, all eyes are on ‘Jawan’ to surpass this benchmark.

Trade analyst Atul Mohan expressed his bold prediction, stating, “In all languages, the film can collect Rs. 70 crores or even Rs. 80 or Rs. 90 crores. Anything is possible.” When specifically asked about the Hindi version, he confidently declared, “It’ll collect more than ‘Pathaan.’ The release day is expected to bring in around Rs. 70 crores.”

Cinema owners across the country echoed this sentiment. Vishek Chauhan, from Roopbani Cinema in Bihar, anticipates ‘Jawan’ earning between Rs. 65 and 70 crores on its opening day. Raj Bansal, owner of Entertainment Paradise in Jaipur, shared his optimism, saying, “I am expecting it to collect Rs. 65 crores plus on Thursday. That will be a phenomenal day number.”

Girish Johar, a producer and film business analyst, added, “If I talk about the weekend, it’ll collect Rs. 300-350 GBOC gross for all languages. Janmashtami is a big holiday in the North, benefiting ‘Jawan.’ It’s likely to amass Rs. 100 crores on its first day worldwide gross.”

The anticipation is palpable as ‘Jawan’ aims to break records, with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ currently holding the title of the biggest Hindi grosser at Rs. 543.05 crores nett in India. While optimism runs high, some caution that the film’s ultimate success will depend on its content, despite the music not reaching chartbuster status. Nevertheless, the industry is buzzing with excitement, hoping ‘Jawan’ will set new benchmarks and inspire the resurgence of Bollywood on the big screen.


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