Shekhar Suman Reflects on Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut’s Past: Society’s Fascination with Drama

The complexities of relationships within the entertainment industry have always captivated the public’s attention. One such tale that grabbed the headlines was the love story between actor Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut during the filming of “Raaz: The Mystery Continues” in 2008. However, their romance took a tumultuous turn, resulting in a bitter breakup that stirred up controversy. Adhyayan’s father, the renowned actor Shekhar Suman, found himself thrust into the midst of the storm as he openly criticized Kangana on social media.

In an exclusive interview, Shekhar Suman recently revisited that challenging time, shedding light on his stance regarding Adhyayan and Kangana’s relationship. Contrary to popular belief, he clarified that he was never “against” their bond. Shekhar disclosed that he was well aware of the intricacies surrounding his son’s involvement with Kangana, but consciously chose to step back and let Adhyayan “fight his own battles.”

Shekhar, a veteran in the industry, firmly stated, “I can only give him the strength to fight that battle. I cannot fight his battles. I can never be that dad who would go and tell the other person, ‘Why did you wrong my child?’ I think he is man enough and can fight his battles.”

Emphasizing his open-mindedness towards relationships, Shekhar Suman added, “I am never against any relationship. I was not against his relationship with Kangana. I think it’s a phase in life; sometimes you succeed in your first relationship, and sometimes you fail. Nobody wants to fail in their first relationship. But society loves drama. People would have wanted Kangana and Adhyayan’s relationship to end. Sometimes even your friends do not want your happiness.”

As the conversation progressed, the veteran actor highlighted that both Adhyayan and Kangana should not be solely blamed for the unfortunate turn their relationship took. He attributed the circumstances and unintended events that unfolded as the culprits. Shekhar stressed the importance of ending things on a positive note and extended his apologies if Adhyayan unintentionally made any inappropriate remarks.

The industry’s fascination with drama and the public’s insatiable appetite for sensational news often overshadow the intricacies and emotions involved in personal relationships. Shekhar Suman’s candid revelations provide a glimpse into the challenges faced by those in the limelight and the delicate balance they must maintain. As we reflect on this chapter from the past, it serves as a reminder that relationships, even in the glitzy world of Bollywood, are subject to the complexities and uncertainties that life throws our way.


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