Shilpa Shetty-Kundra Ventures into Farm-to-Fork Start-up, Invests in Kisankonnect

Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast, Shilpa Shetty-Kundra, continues to make waves as she expands her business portfolio by investing in the omni-channel “farm-to-fork” start-up, Kisankonnect. Known for her advocacy of a healthy lifestyle and fresh food, Shilpa’s partnership with Kisankonnect aligns perfectly with her beliefs.

In her statement, Shilpa expressed her passion for promoting fitness and good health throughout India. She commended the founders of Kisankonnect for their commitment to providing safe-to-eat food and connecting farmers directly with consumers. Shilpa acknowledged the significance of agriculture as a major occupation in India and praised Kisankonnect for their remarkable tech-enabled supply chain, focusing on soil and crop health. With the Kisankonnect app, consumers can now trace and trust the source of their food, ensuring nutrition and quality. Additionally, the “Farm Stores” established by Kisankonnect further bridge the gap between consumers and farmers, creating a vibrant and trustworthy farmers market for all.

Kisankonnect represents a new breed of companies aiming to revolutionize the supply chain, delivering the freshest produce to consumers in the shortest possible time. The partnership with Shilpa Shetty-Kundra adds a significant boost to their journey of providing fresh and nutritious food to customers. By incorporating soil testing, plant biologicals, and regenerative agricultural practices, Kisankonnect has empowered thousands of smallholder farmers, ensuring better returns for them while offering consumers the benefits of wholesome and nutritious produce.

With the largest assortment in the fruits and vegetables space, Kisankonnect proudly serves customers in Mumbai and Pune within a remarkable 4-6 hour delivery window. Customers can choose from multiple delivery slots or visit the nearest “Farm Stores” to experience the convenience and quality firsthand.


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