Somy Ali Reveals Salman Khan’s Infidelity During Relationship with Sangeeta Bijlani

Former actress and current social activist, Somy Ali, has shed light on the tumultuous relationship she shared with Salman Khan in the 90s. In a recent interview, she disclosed a shocking revelation – that Salman Khan cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani with her just weeks before their scheduled wedding.

Somy Ali candidly shared, “The wedding cards were printed, but Sangeeta caught Salman red-handed in my apartment. What Salman did to Sangeeta, the same happened to me. This is called karma, when I grew up a little, I understood about it.” This revelation offers a rare glimpse into the complexities of their relationship, which Ali has been forthright about in her social media posts.

The actress-turned-activist has previously spoken about enduring both physical and emotional abuse from Salman Khan, and about how their relationship remained shrouded in secrecy. Despite public perception, Ali asserts that their connection spanned eight years. She has also recounted instances of public humiliation, such as an event where Salman poured a cold drink on her hair.

Somy Ali’s candid revelations provide an important perspective on the challenges faced by women in relationships, even in the glamorous world of Bollywood. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of speaking out against mistreatment and seeking justice, regardless of one’s stature or public image.


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