Sunny Deol Speaks About His Fees Post Gadar 2 Triumph: ‘I Know My Worth

Sunny Deol‘s recent success with Gadar 2 has undoubtedly placed him on a career pinnacle, with the film poised to achieve blockbuster status of monumental proportions. Amidst rumors of a significant fee hike to 50 crores post this triumph, the veteran actor has candidly addressed the matter.

In an exclusive interview, Sunny Deol shared, “Money matters are personal, and sharing exact earnings is uncommon, even among close circles. As for my fees, that will be decided when I sign my next film. What’s clear is that I understand my value. Throughout my journey, I’ve held firm on my worth, even during challenging times. While public perception may have shifted, I remain rooted in who I am. Family remains my greatest wealth.”

Sunny Deol’s measured response showcases his unwavering self-awareness and focus on the intrinsic values that matter most to him. His steadfast attitude toward his worth and career choices is a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of Bollywood.


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