Sunny Deol Stands by Father Dharmendra, Takes Urgent Trip to US for Health Support

Amidst the soaring success of ‘Gadar 2’, Sunny Deol has put his professional commitments on hold for an important family matter. The veteran actor, along with his father Dharmendra, is on an urgent trip to the USA, addressing the latter’s health concerns. At 87, Dharmendra is facing some routine health issues attributed to his age. Although not expected to be severe, Sunny has decided to accompany his father to ensure he receives the best care.

A source close to the matter reassured, “Dharam sir is currently 87 years old and has been having health issues. Hence for further treatment, Sunny decided to (take) his father to USA. They will be staying in US for 15-20 days or as long as the treatment goes. There is nothing to worry about.”

Sunny Deol’s latest release, ‘Gadar 2’, has been making waves at the box office, receiving immense love from the audience. The film, a sequel to the earlier hit directed by Anil Sharma, picks up the story from where it left off. Alongside Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, and Simratt Kaur Randhawa, the film hit theatres on August 11. While fans eagerly await his next project, such as ‘Apne 2’, release dates remain pending.


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