Taapsee Pannu Talks About the Popularity of Thriller Genre on OTT Platforms

Taapsee Pannu has been exploring the thriller genre in her recent projects, most of which were released on digital platforms. In a recent interview, the actress shared her thoughts on why thrillers have become so popular on OTT platforms.

According to Taapsee, people enjoy watching thrillers in quiet, without any disturbance. The digital medium provides them with a better engagement experience and thrillers, if written well, can be very engaging. Unlike other genres, such as drama, where viewers can pause and play or watch over breaks, thrillers are meant to be watched in continuation or back-to-back if it is a series.

Taapsee also revealed that she enjoys shooting for thrillers as they keep the audience gripped. With the rise of OTT platforms, filmmakers have been taking a plunge into the thriller genre and treating the audience with mind-boggling plots.

In recent times, Taapsee has appeared in multiple films across sub-genres of thrillers, including a romantic thriller, a comic thriller, a sci-fi thriller, and a horror thriller. As the thriller genre continues to gain popularity on OTT platforms, it will be interesting to see what new projects Taapsee and other actors have in store for the audience.


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