The Kerala Story Faces Unexpected Setback with No OTT Buyers

In a surprising turn of events, Sudipto Sen’s much-talked-about film, The Kerala Story, which has been hailed as a blockbuster by box office analysts and trade experts, is facing an unexpected hurdle in its journey to digital platforms. Despite reports suggesting an imminent streaming release, the film has failed to secure a suitable offer from any major OTT platform, leaving its makers puzzled.

When approached for a comment, director Sudipto Sen revealed, “Contrary to the circulating news, we are yet to receive a satisfactory deal from any of the leading OTT platforms for The Kerala Story. It seems that certain sections of the film industry have conspired against us as our box office success appears to have irked them.”

The lack of interest from OTT platforms has raised eyebrows, prompting speculation about the underlying reasons. According to a well-informed industry source, “While The Kerala Story did perform well at the box office, its subject matter is potentially controversial and could invoke strong reactions from a certain section of the audience. This seems to be deterring major OTT players from acquiring the film.”

The source further explained, “OTT platforms have been focusing on intelligent, thought-provoking, and entertaining content, and The Kerala Story, perceived as a propaganda film by some, does not fit into their preferred genres. Thus, it has failed to find takers in the digital space.”

The response from a leading OTT platform when asked about the absence of The Kerala Story on their platform did not come as a surprise. The spokesperson stated, “We prefer to avoid politically controversial content.”

As The Kerala Story grapples with its unexpected setback, fans and industry observers eagerly await a breakthrough that will allow this highly successful film to reach a wider audience through the digital medium. The journey to find a suitable digital outlet continues for Sudipto Sen and his team, who remain optimistic about securing a favorable deal in the near future.


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