Varun Dhawan Defends Controversial Analogies in Bawaal, Calls for Fair Yardstick in Film Criticism

Bollywood heartthrob Varun Dhawan recently came forward to address the ongoing controversy surrounding his latest film, Bawaal, co-starring Janhvi Kapoor. The romantic drama, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, has received a mix of praise and criticism, particularly for its use of sensitive historical analogies related to Auschwitz, Hitler, and World War II.

In defense of the film, Varun explained that the context of the story is crucial, with his character, Ajju Bhaiya, initially portrayed as a tone-deaf and negative personality. The actor highlighted that the praise for his performance stems from successfully embodying this challenging, unconventional role. He emphasized that Bawaal aims to showcase a character’s journey and not glorify or heroize negative traits.

Varun also expressed his concerns about the varying yardsticks used in film criticism, where certain films, especially English ones, seemingly get a pass for potentially controversial scenes or themes. He alluded to an unnamed film embroiled in controversy surrounding the Bhagavad Gita appearance during a sex scene, noting that such scenes are considered essential to cultural representation. He urged for an unbiased and uniform approach when judging movies, regardless of their language or origin.

Bawaal, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment in association with Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and Nitesh Tiwari’s Earthsky Pictures, brings together romance and social commentary. While the film has sparked debates, Varun’s call for a fair assessment of all films resonates with a need for consistency in the world of cinema criticism. As the film continues to evoke discussions, it reminds us of the power and responsibility that storytelling holds in shaping narratives and perceptions.


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