Varun Dhawan Embraces Bhediya’s OTT Success, Looks Forward to Sequel After Box Office Struggle

Bollywood heartthrob Varun Dhawan is opening up about his recent film, Bhediya, and how it found its audience on the digital platform after a moderate performance at the box office. Reflecting on the movie’s release last November, Varun shared that though his expectations were high, he didn’t let the outcome deter him. In a recent interview, he emphasized the importance of moving forward and not dwelling on setbacks, stating, “You pick yourself up and move on. You have to hit back, you can’t sulk. Take a few days and get back to work.”

Despite facing challenges during its theatrical run, Bhediya found a dedicated audience on OTT platforms, leading to a pleasant surprise for Varun. The actor revealed that he was delighted when the studio informed him about a sequel being in the works. Eager to reprise his beloved character, Varun expressed his excitement for the upcoming project.

In the midst of it all, Varun Dhawan is now gearing up for the release of Bawaal, alongside Janhvi Kapoor, which is set to premiere on Prime Video on July 21. As he continues to embrace new opportunities, Varun’s positive outlook serves as an inspiration for all.


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