Vijay Varma’s Heartfelt Revelation: How Lost Comic Books Found Their Way Back

Vijay Varma, the versatile Bollywood actor, recently opened up in an exclusive interview about a touching chapter from his past, one that revolves around his profound love for comic books. At the age of 21, Vijay’s passion collided with an unfortunate incident, as his father, in a fit of anger, sold his cherished collection of around 500 comic books to a scrap dealer.

In a candid conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Vijay shared, “I was very hurt and unhappy about that.” However, this tale of loss and longing took an unexpected turn when his story, shared in a podcast, reached the ears of fellow comic enthusiasts and the creators of Raj Comics. A chain reaction of compassion and support began, resulting in comic book enthusiasts from various corners coming forward to send Vijay replacements for his lost collection. This heartwarming gesture not only helped him rebuild his cherished assortment but also showcased the power of community and shared interests.

As Vijay’s career continues to soar with remarkable performances in projects like “Darlings,” “Dahaad,” “Lust Stories 2,” and “Kaalkoot,” his personal story of loss and revival resonates with fans. His involvement in upcoming ventures, including “Devotion of Suspect X” alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan and “Murder Mubarak” alongside Sara Ali Khan, marks the year as a memorable one for Vijay Varma. With “Mirzapur 3” on the horizon, his journey remains an inspiring blend of artistry and personal triumph.


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